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We offer a range of services for our customers in Dubai

AC Installation

AC Services Dubai has been providing air conditioning installation services since a decade. We provide the best services including
  • split ac conditioner installation
  • ducted split air conditioner installation
  • package air conditioner installation
  • central air conditioner installation
We supply and install AC systems for industrial, commercial and residential purposes. These also include the following environments in Dubai.
  • Office air conditioning increasing comfort in the workplace
  • Server room air conditioning for the finest performance
  • Computer room air conditioning
  • Airport and other public transport sites
  • Schools
  • Waiting rooms
  • Heating and cooling factories
  • Industrial sites
  • Retail outlets and shopping centre climate control
  • Refrigeration & beverages storage

Brands offered by AC Service Dubai

We offer all the major brands of air con equipment. These include products from companies such as LG, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Toshiba, Hitachi, York and Foster. AC units are also available from the most reputed companies in the AC industry. All of our equipment comes manufacture guarantee and the installation also comes with our guarantee.

Our engineers work hard to design air conditioning solutions which provide efficiency as well as give optimum performance at an affordable cost. We also ensure our design is future-proofed as much as possible so that environmental impact is limited.

AC Repair and Maintenance

Fast and efficient fault finding

Fault finding requires familiarity and experience with the equipment in question. Our team of engineers is highly qualified and experienced enough to establish a systematic and professional approach to fault assessment.

To identify the root-cause our repair engineers make use of their experience to be able to draw conclusions to identify the most likely problems associated with temperature readings, pressure levels and other such factors. Our engineers solely do not rely on the hit and miss approach which sometimes leads to misdiagnosis of the problem.

We repair all types of equipment

We are able to diagnose and fix problems with the following
  • Air conditioning condensers
  • A/C or heat pump compressors
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Problems with piping, coils
  • Control panels
  • Duct systems


As we all know regular maintenance of our cooling systems is an efficient step to ensure the working and long life our AC systems. A regular AC maintenance reduces the chances of a break down and helps keep your system running at its peak efficiency. We provide professional AC maintenance in Dubai. We deal in all kind of maintenance in Dubai including
  • central ac maintenance
  • package ac maintenance
  • chillier maintenance
  • Problems with piping, coils
  • FCU maintenance
  • Ducted split ac maintenance
  • Split ac maintenance
It is sad that the most neglected ac appliance in Dubai is the air conditioner. As the weather of Dubai is you might find the sea breeze depositing sea salt into your ac all year long and if you do not maintain the device it will certainly let you down on one fine hot day. This is why we recommend you to opt for regular maintenance. You can hire us on a yearly basis or monthly as per your wish. You will not be let down by our great service.

Free Site Survey

We conduct a free air conditioning installation site survey for our customers in Dubai. We will send in our engineer to discuss suitable air conditioning options. This is a great way to involve customers and ensure recommendations are given through a mutual discussion. We have observed in our long experience in the industry that clients prefer this method and this also helps us to respond to your queries quickly.