AC Services Dubai

has been providing air conditioning services since a decade. We provide the best services for all types of Air conditioners including
  • Split Air Conditioner
  • Ducted Split Air Conditioner
  • Package Air Conditioner
  • Central Air Conditioner
AC service Dubai is also available for industrial, commercial and residential purposes.

The procedure of AC Service Dubai

An AC can only work efficiently if it has been serviced well. AC Service Dubai uses the state of the art methods to ensure there are no problems in your AC and that every single part of your AC is functioning in the proper way. We have adopted methods of AC service with due effort and research. AC Service Dubai carries out the following procedures during the service of your AC
  • AC condenser and evaporator coil cleaning.
  • Air filter and fan cleaning.
  • AC condenser and evaporator fan cleaning.
  • Drain cleaning and leakage check.
  • Coolant level check in air conditioner.
  • Overall inspection of AC unit.

AC Service Dubai provides Service for all

We provide services for all major brands of air con equipment. These include products from companies such as LG, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Toshiba, Hitachi, York and Foster. AC units are also available from the most reputed companies in the AC industry. All of our equipment comes manufacture guarantee and the installation also comes with our guarantee.

Our engineers work hard to design air conditioning solutions which provide efficiency as well as give optimum performance at an affordable cost. We also ensure our design is future-proofed as much as possible so that environmental impact is limited.

Why hire the AC Service Dubai team?

Our team comprises of only the best. We provide

  1. Fast and efficient fault finding
  2. Fault finding requires familiarity and experience with the equipment in question. The team of AC service Dubai comprises of engineers who are highly qualified and experienced enough to establish a systematic and professional approach for fault assessment.

  3. We have an experienced team
  4. To identify the root cause our repair engineers make use of their experience to be able to draw conclusions to identify the most likely problems associated with temperature readings, pressure levels and other such factors. Our engineers solely do not rely on the hit and miss approach which sometimes leads to misdiagnosis of the problem.

  5. We hire only the best
  6. We make sure our hired staff has the acquired set of skills and knowledge for the job. AC Service Dubai also provides ongoing training so that employees are well aware of the current technology and are able to tackle any situation.

Why is AC Service Dubai required?

It is sad that the most neglected appliance in Dubai is the air conditioner. As the weather of Dubai is you might find the sea breeze depositing sea salt into your AC all year long and if you do not maintain the device it will certainly let you down on one fine hot day. This is why we recommend you to opt for AC Service Dubai. You can hire us on a yearly basis or monthly as per your wish. You will not be let down by our great service.

We ensure your AC Service is up to the mark so you can bear the hot weather of Dubai. A good internal environment is essential for your well being. We at AC service Dubai understand your needs and are adamant to make sure you have no worries regarding your AC. By opting for our regular services the chances of a breakdown will be immensely reduced and your system will continue to run at its peak efficiency.